Grant Opportunities

 Request for Proposals

The Bow Foundation is supporting two funding opportunities in 2023.

The Bow Foundation Grant Program provides research grants to qualified independent investigators for scientific and/or clinical GNAO1-related research. 

The Orphan Disease Center, in collaboration with the Bow Foundation, is seeking grant applications that aim to further progress our understanding of the disease, the available therapeutic options, and investigating strategies to establish outcome measurements. Apply to the Orphan Disease Center directly here!   Letter of Intent (LOI) are Due Friday, March 3, 2023 by 8pm EST

By supporting this research, the Bow Foundation hopes to expand the scientific understanding of GNAO1-related impacts on patients and uncover new diagnostics, treatments, and/or cures for GNAO1-related neurodevelopmental disorders. Grants are made possible through the generosity of funds raised by parents, families, and friends globally with the aim of increasing scientific knowledge about GNAO1.