Alina was born in 2016 no problems during birth or while being pregnant. She even started walking at 11 months old. When she turned one we noticed her gait wasn’t straightening out. This is when the process started to lead us on our journey to discovering she had GNA01 in March 2019. Alina currently has low muscle tone in her core, high muscle tone in her extremities. She walks with the support of ankle foot orthotics. She has slowly progressed with her milestones, she just currently starting to speak and repeat many words. Still hasn’t quite gotten to two word sentences yet. She has recently started developing mild chorea and dystonia symptoms. Her chorea mostly happens when her body is completely relaxed. Despite this disease taking control of her body she has the most beautiful soul. Alina is all sass. She is constantly laughing and gets a kick out of picking on her brother and sister. All of her therapist like to say she is “self directed” when it comes to her therapy sessions. She is definitely driven and in control. She loves to just be a normal kid. She enjoys the beach and taking walks around the neighborhood. She loves nature and all it has to offer. She is passionate about animals and loves to be around other kids. Alina brings much joy to our life!